St. Cloud NAACP -
President Message
Welcome to the St. Cloud NAACP Branch. Through civil rights advocacy and community involvement we continue the struggle of the NAACP organization. Our mission in St. Cloud is to enhance the initiatives developed by our national office. The St. Cloud Branch is a 501 (c)(4) non-profit organization. Your support through membership, fund raising activities and corporate sponsorship allows this organization to continue serving the community that sponsors many free activities. Our goal is to make a positive difference in our community
Goals and Objectives
  • Increase Branch exposure in the community with high visibility and awareness for the NAACP organization at the local level.
  • Increase membership by 50% annually to meet national goals and standards  .
  • Clarify stereotypes and misunderstanding of what the NAACP “is and is not”
  • Encourage involvement from the NAACP Branch Officers, Executive Members At-Large,   Standing Committee Member and Chairs
  • Treat all NAACP members and every individual with respect regardless of social economic status, cultural background, political preference, educational and religious status.
  • Solicit support from churches, law enforcement agencies, educational institution and businesses in the community for this historical organization.
  • Bring new leadership to the “table”(young adults) with total support for the NAACP organization in this community.
  • Provide effective training of NAACP Policies and By-Laws for the officers and members.
  • Keep membership informed with an effective quarterly newsletter, personal calls, monthly one-hour general membership meetings, emails, educational seminars, public forums, and mailings .
  • Every representative of this branch is a volunteer for the NAACP organization. Therefore, the responsibility from each member will make a difference in our TEAMWORK in this community.
  • Thank You
    Denise F.
    Become A Member Of The NAACP
    Why Join?
     The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is an organization that fights for the rights of all people. There is no separation between the races when it comes to creating a viable future for the next generation in the race for Equality, Civil Rights, and justice for future generations…and this means you.
    Membership is the lifeline of the St. Cloud NAACP. You are invited to join the St.  Cloud NAACP today. You can Join on line at
    Or download the application for membership and mail  For Unit Affiliation Code enter : UNIT 4054
    1)BY MAIL/Drop-off (Preferred):Print and complete the membership form and mail to or drop-off at 14 N 7th Ave St. Cloud MN  For Unit Affiliation Code enter : UNIT 4054

    2)ONLINE: click NAACP MEMBERSHIP ONLINE and click on one of the membership tabs at the top of the page and follow instructions.
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